Care Instructions

We want you to be able to enjoy your Almojewellery item(s) as long as possible. For this reason we would like to ask you to follow the simple steps outlined below to avoid any damage or discolouration to your jewellery:

1 - don't wear in the bath, shower, gym, swimming pool, sea etc., to avoid contact with chlorine, sweat, salt or other pollutants
2 - avoid contact with cosmetics or perfumes - apply your make-up or perfume first before wearing the jewellery. Avoid contact with chemical products such as detergents, soaps, oils etc. However, a slight discolouration may occur due to the natural materials used in some of the products and should not be alarming
3 - be generally careful with the items as you would be with any jewellery. Store in a dry, protected environment, such as a closed box or drawer. But be careful not to keep too close together with other items, as this can sometimes cause discolouration, too
4 - and if you wish to clean your Almojewellery from time to time (which is recommended, of course) make sure you use a soft, fluff free and clean cloth, or better even, you may wish to use a custome made jewellery cleaning cloth which can be purchased together with your items.

Gold & Silver Plated and Gemstone Fashion Jewellery and Accessories

Should you, however, have any genuine concerns about the quality of you jewellery, or in the unlikely event that you receive a damaged item, please do not hesitate contacting us in order to facilitate a refund (provided of course, that you have fully observed above care instructions at all times). 

Almojewellery offers you elegant & exclusive fashion jewellery and accessories at an affordable price!